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DICE's blackboard - Free Spanish lessons online

In this section, we are trying to help students of the Spanish language with very short video lessons. The idea behind is to offer a quick Spanish lesson in a couple of minutes. Thus, you will have the chance to learn a little bit of Spanish every week without effort. The “Pizarras” that is the way we call these short videos (blackboards), offer an easy way to get some knowledge of Spanish with a very low time investment and of course, for free. Just a couple of minutes per week. The videos contain Spanish of different levels, however, we hope they are completely understandable even for students with a very low level of Spanish.

DICE's open book - Free Spanish lessons online

Regarding the “Libro abierto” open book in Spanish, it is another weekly lesson that we offer at DICE Salamanca for you to improve. Sometimes, both the “Pizarra” and the “Libro abierto” offer the same lesson in a way to complete each other and have a better learning way.

All these videos and open books are free lessons that you can attend any time and repeat them if you wish to review them.
We, at DICE Salamanca, hope you enjoy learning with us.

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