DICE - General conditions

The minimum age to enrol in our courses is 16. For younger students, PLEASE CONTACT OUR ADMINISTRATION DEPARTMENT.


The school accepts students older than 16 years old. For those who are between 16 and 18 years old, their parents or guardians must sign a special consent form. The school also accepts students who are less than 16 years old as long as they come with a closed group and there is at least a leader every 15 students.


To enrol in one of our courses, students must fill in and send our online enrolment form: http://www.dicesalamanca.com/enrolment.php

They will receive an email with the confirmation of the services they have booked and a personalised quote. In order to send the online enrolment form, it is compulsory to read and accept our general conditions.


The student must complete our online level test at least a week before his/her arrival: http://www.dicesalamanca.com/test/

He/she will receive an automatic reply with a provisional assessment.


At the end of the course, the student will receive a certificate attesting the attendance and a diploma with the final assessment. Both documents include personal information, level, duration and type of course.

Apart from the name of the student, in the certificate there will be the level and the total number of hours of the course and also the contents and the goals of that specific level. Furthermore, there will also be a detailed description of the knowledge acquired by the student according to the CEF.

If the student does not reach the minimum attendance required by the school (80% of the lessons), he/she is not entitled to receive neither the certificate nor the diploma.


All students must bring their health card or insurance valid in their country of origin. However, our school offers (this is optional) health insurance; if you are interested, contact our administration department to ask for more information.

ACCOMMODATION – Services included

HOMESTAY accommodation includes the following services: single or double room with half- or full board, daily cleaning (students must keep their room tidy) and weekly bed and linen change.

Laundry and ironing are not included, but students can book them by paying a supplement of 9€ per week for the laundry and 6€ per week for the ironing. Bed sheets will be provided, but we suggest students bring their own towels. WIFI/Internet connection is available depending on the family.

RESIDENCE accommodation includes the following services: single or double room with half- or full board; private bathroom upon request (supplement of 30€ per week). Laundry and ironing are not included, but students can book these services by paying a supplement (please contact the administration department). Daily cleaning of the room and weekly bed and linen change are included, as well as WIFI/Internet connection (students can also receive phone calls).

SHARED FLAT accommodation includes the following services: single or double room and use of all the common areas (living room, kitchen and bathroom). It does not include meals nor laundry; it includes the weekly cleaning of the flat (students must keep it tidy) and bed and linen change once a week. Flats are fully equipped (tableware and all electric appliances, iron, clothes dryer…).

In all our accommodation options, rooms are fully equipped: bed, table with chair to study and wardrobe. All changes in the accommodation without reasonable justification will incur in a 30€ supplement.

Students who do not know each other and have enrolled together will not share a room in any of our accommodation services.


The student can request a change in the accommodation during his/her stay as long as there is a reasonable justification. We guarantee we will change the accommodation in 24/48 hours time. If the student requests more changes in his/her accommodation, he/she will have to pay a 30€ supplement.


Life in Spain might be quite different from the life the student has in his/her country of origin. Enjoying a pleasant stay with the host family or in one of the other accommodation options only depends on the student. We suggest the student has an open mind in order to adapt to the rules, times, traditions and ways of life in Spain. In some cases the cultural difference can be quite remarkable, but our team will be more than happy to help the student overcome these barriers. In our student manual he/she will find information about this.


The documentation needed to travel to Spain may vary according to the country of origin. If the student comes from the EU, Swiss, Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein, he/she needs a valid ID or passport. Furthermore, in case the student is less than 18 years old and travels with his/her ID, he/she will have to carry also a special consent form signed by the parents.

If the student comes from another country, the maximum stay in Spain is 90 days.

There are some countries whose citizens must have a valid visa to travel to Spain. The student can visit the web page of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Affairs for more information. The citizens of these countries can also travel to Spain if they have a residence visa or a tourist visa issued by another country of the EU (except the UK, Ireland, Rumania, Bulgaria and Cyprus), Swiss, Norway, Iceland or Liechtenstein.

The citizens of the rest of the countries must have documents certifying the reasons and conditions of their stay and also have sufficient economic means to support their stay in Spain. The documents they will need to have vary according to the reason of the trip (they can have more information by visiting the webpage of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs: (http://www.exteriores.gob.es)

At the following link you can find a list of foreign Embassies accredited in Spain: http://www.exteriores.gob.es/Portal/es/ServiciosAlCiudadano/SiViajasAlExtranjero/Paginas/EmbajadasExtranjerasAcreditadas.aspx

We suggest you bring with you a travel and health insurance (or the European health card).

Since conditions may vary, we suggest you contact the Spanish Consulate or Embassy to check these requirements before travelling.


We offer our students the option to have health insurance. We contract this insurance externally; it has a basic cover (if the students wants to, we can extend the coverage). The insurance includes: diagnostic tests, general medicine and medical specialties, surgery and hospitalization.


In order to formalize the enrolment, students have to pay a 200€ deposit. The total cost of the course and accommodation (after deducting the deposit previously paid) must be paid a week before starting the course or on the first day of the course before the first lesson. Payments can be made by:

  1. BANK TRANSFER to (please make sure your name is clearly stated):
    • UNIVERIDIOMAS S.L. - LA CAIXA - Avda Mirat 15, 37005 Salamanca - España
    • ES21 2100 3553 1622 1000 2752 SWIFT CODE/BIC: CAIXESBBXXX
  2. CREDIT CARD (Visa-Mastercard-Maestro): please send the card number, expiry date and CVC. We do not charge additional costs for credit card payments.
  3. CASH

All prices published in our catalogue, brochures and web page are final prices (there are no additional costs).


When a student decides to cancel his/her course and/or accommodation:

DICE Salamanca reserves the right to cancel the enrolment of a student if he/she does not pay in due time or if he/she behaves inappropriately during his/her stay at the school. The student accepts to respect the general rules of discipline. The breach of these rules, loutishness, assaults or damages to facilities may lead to the expulsion of the student.

In any of these cases, the student will not receive any refund.

If cancellation is made for justified medical reasons, DICE Salamanca will keep the amount already paid by the student (deposit and/or final payment) during 12 months so that he/she can enjoy the linguistic stay already booked.


Fee taxes includes:

We do not charge enrolment fee to former students who have paid it already.

Courses start every week and are taught from Monday to Friday. Students without any previous knowledge of the Spanish language must start on the first Monday of the month. Lessons timetables will be given to students the week before their arrival.

The last day of the course, students will be requested to fill up a quality survey, regarding the services provided.

All those students, using one of our accommodation services, will be requested to fill up an accommodation quality survey. This will take place within the two or three days after the course has begun.

Students who attend the Spanish course recommended by his/her teacher will get a discount of 50 Euros on the enrolment.
In order to obtain it, students will have to provide the contact details of his/her Spanish teacher; name, institute; school or university, email and telephone number.
Discount does not apply in case of getting one of our grants, scholarships or offers.

Bank holidays in 2017: 1st and 6th January, 24th and 25th March, 23th April , May 2nd, June 13th, August 15th, September 8th, October 12th, November 1st, 6th, 8th and 26th December. * Check local and regional festivals.

On bank holidays the school will be closed (missed lessons will not be made up).

IF THERE IS ONLY ONE STUDENT ENROLLED IN A GROUP/LEVEL, the course will still take place, but lessons will be reduced to half the number and be taught as private lessons. For example: if you are enrolled in a standard course (20 group lessons per week), the course will consist of 10 private lessons per week. If you enrol in an intensive course (25 group lessons per week), the course will consist of 12.5 one-to-one lessons per week.

FILLING IN OUR ENROLMENT FORM MEANS THE ACCEPTANCE OF THESE GENERAL CONDITIONS. This contract is also regulated by the civil legislation for the contracting of services and also by the rules about consumer rights, namely, the Decreto 82/95 by the Junta de Castilla y León and the Protección de los Consumidores y Usuarios.

ACCORDING TO THE LOPD 15/1999, we inform that your data will be stored in our files and will be ALWAYS confidential. THEY WILL BE AVAILABLE FOR INTERNAL USE ONLY AND WILL NOT BE SENT TO THIRD PARTIES. Furthermore, you have the right to access, amend or cancel your data through a written request to DICE Salamanca.