Get around Salamanca

World center of the Spanish language

Salamanca Salamanca is a relatively small, homely and welcoming city. It’s located in the northwest of the Iberian peninsula. It belongs to the “Castilla y León” region at about 200 km from Madrid. The Universidad de Salamanca is one of the oldest in Spain as well as Europe, together with Paris, Oxford and Bologna. For this reason, Salamanca is one of the main students’ center of Spain and a reference of the Spanish language around the world.

During 2002, Salamanca was the European Capital of Culture. With this information, you may have an idea of what it implies in terms of history and people. Upon your arrival, you will find a young and open city. You can see a mixture of modern and classic styles on the streets. We are talking about the cultural center in Spain. Along the year, Salamanca is hosting more than 60.000 foreign students from all over the world. You can add 40.000 university students, and you will get a city around the University with interest in arts, culture, music and of course fun and party. Apart from the culture, at night time, you will be able enjoy every day in hundreds of bars and pubs.

All this makes of Salamanca the perfect place to study Spanish. You will only need a few days to get around Salamanca.

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