Spanish courses in Salamanca

Super intensive Spanish course

Super intensive

  • 6 levels.
  • From 1-36 weeks.
  • 10 maximum per class.
  • One class: 55 minutes.
  • Timetable: 9.00 – 15.00

If you need to learn as much as possible within the period you stay in Salamanca to learn Spanish, this is your best choice.

*In the event that there would be just one student in class, the course will turn to private lessons and halved the number of them.
1 30
2 60
3 90
4 120

This course implies a special dedication. We have added one extra private lesson per day to the intensive course. This means a total of six Spanish lessons per day. These imply a greater effort on your side. This effort will have the satisfying return of being able to solve all the questions you might need and correct other mistakes. During one hour per day you will have your own teacher. This will allow you to ask him/her all that you need. You will choose the different aspects of your Spanish that you would like to improve and where you need more help. On one side, this implies to pay more attention on your side, on the other side, this will make you feel more confident to achieve your goal. No doubt you will speak Spanish.

Our experience tells us that this course is specially indicated for adult students. If your main interest is to get the greatest outcome out of your stay in Spain and increase you learning speed. This is definitely the best option.

This course makes the difference compare to other options.

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