Spanish courses in Salamanca

Would you like to learn without pressure?

  • 6 levels.
  • From 1-36 weeks.
  • 20 lessons.

Is it important for you to learn quickly?

  • 6 levels.
  • From 5 weeks.
  • 25 lessons.

Do you need to learn a lot in a short time?

  • 6 levels.
  • From 1-36 weeks.
  • 25 lessons.
  • 1 personalized lesson per day.

Exam preparation is key.

  • 6 levels.
  • From 2-4 weeks.
  • 20 lessons.

Would you like to learn a solid Spanish and the Spanish culture?

  • 6 levels.
  • From 36 weeks.
  • 20 lessons.

Would you like to learn at your own path and the topics you like?

  • 6 levels.
  • Topics to choose.
  • Personalized

Would you like to learn new techniques and resources to improve your lessons?

  • From 1 weeks.
  • 20 lessons.
*CEFR: Common European Framework of Reference
Correspondence levels
Beginner A1
Elementary A2
Pre-intermediate Inicial
Intermediate B1
Upper-Intermediate B2 Intermedio
Advanced C1
Superior C2 Superior
Holiday in 2018:
  • January 1st - 6th, April 2nd, 3rd and 23rd, May 1st, August 15th, September 8th, October 12th, November 12th, December 7th, 8th and 25th.
  • Christmas holidays from 26 to 30 December 2018 (inclusive).
Starting dates of courses 2018
Courses Beginners Non-beginners
Standard January 5th
February 2nd
March 2nd
April 6th
May 4th
June 1st
July 6th
August 3rd
September 7th
October 5th
November 3rd
November 30th
Every Monday
Super intensive
Private lessons Every Monday

Course information

The student should sit a level test before his/her arrival. This test is available on our website. According to the results, our team will decide the right level the student should attend and prepare the course material. Thus, the student will be able to take full advantage of the course from the first lesson.

At the end of the course the student will receive a certificate, where is stated the number of hours attended, the achieved level and the contents taught in that level. This information remains in our archives. If the students would need a copy of his/her certificate, we would be able to issue it again.

We use our own course material developed in-house. We have created specific material for each kind of course and level. In the school we also count on a library. There students can find different Spanish course books.

We revisit our course materials on an ongoing basis. These are reviewed and updated by our teachers.

Our center is evaluated by all students. The last day of school, they receive a questionnaire in which they are asked to indicate their level of satisfaction with classrooms, manuals, course, activities. As well, there is a section of observations for express their views freely.

Information about Spanish courses

Learning objectives of the courses

General courses:

The Spanish courses we teach allow our students to learn the language in a quick and efficient way. We combine the specific grammar contents counting on the length of the course and the students level of Spanish. From the basic aspects of the language till the ones which allow the students understand the texts (listening and writing) with higher difficult. Our courses are divided in two parts (grammar and conversation), using all needed contents to allow the students to use the language fluently in any situation.

Course of didactical Spanish:

This course is divided in two parts: theory, where we concentrate in phonetic and pronunciation aspects, widen the topics of vocabulary, confusion amongst prepositions and the problems arising from the use of tense (both indicative and subjunctive). All these contents will be used in practice in to the second part of the course. Where we suggest different activities and tasks to realize during the ELE lessons, proposing students to design new strategies to develop during the lessons.

Training contents of the courses

General courses:

At DICE Salamanca we are aware of our students’ needs to learn the Spanish language. Our main goal is to teach and improve our students’ knowledge of Spanish. Taking as reference the student level at the beginning of the course we will try to get the student to use the Spanish languages as the instruction languages in all situations.

We try to get the student in to his/her highest level of control in his/her learning curve. We intent the student to be independent in the learning process once the curriculum has finished.

Learning a language also implies the knowledge of the culture. At DICE we promote the approach between the student home country and the Hispanic one. And also transmit an authentic image of the culture and try to remove generalizations and prejudice topics. We boost the development of attitudes regarding the international society, such as cultural and linguistic pluralism, the acceptance of diversity and respect.

Course of didactical Spanish:

The main goal we set for this course is helping Spanish teachers to get to know and obtain a good command on pedagogical techniques. Which Spanish teachers might need to develop, plan and carry out his/her activities as teachers. This is of course for the different parts of the language (phonetic, grammar lexicon or semantic) in different communicative situations and linguistic stratus.

Methodological orientation courses

Our main goals we pretend are allow the students to get immense into the Spanish atmosphere, culture and customs. in order to learn to understand, speak and write correct Spanish. Also ensuring the acquired knowledge settle properly.

At the same time, we will try to make the students feel as comfortable as possible, always taking in to account the cultural shock.

In order to reach this goals, we have chosen a communicative method combining grammar, vocabulary and cultural aspects.

Grammar is a very important part within the learning of a language, therefore, students acquire ground needed. Always adapting it to a specific socio-cultural-linguistic context.

All content is explained in theory based on the schemes created in the course books. In this way the students can get a command on the different grammatical, morphological and syntactical structures assigned to each level. Afterwards, students can apply the learned knowledge through speaking and writing tasks.

In conversation lessons (dedicated to listening, speaking and writing) we pretend the students to use the Spanish they have learned following topics of general interest. Thus increasing the students attention thanks to the personal interests of every student.

Within the conversational lessons we use all available audiovisual aids in the school. These include showing Spanish films with Spanish subtitles, listening tasks as read texts and songs.

In order to help the linguistic immersion of our students, during some of the conversation lessons, we organize activities outside the School, visiting different places around the School. In these places, the students will have to fulfill some tasks which imply having to communicate with Spanish people. This will reinforce the students’ capabilities to express themselves. Thus, students will progress from communicative to formal and vice-versa when needed. In all courses the students will practice their grammar, listening speaking skills and understanding.


We use our own course material developed in-house. We have created specific material for each kind of course and level. In the school we also count on a library. There students can find different Spanish course books.

We revisit our course materials on an ongoing basis. These are reviewed and updated by our teachers.

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